Connected but Limited Services

wifi is conneted but connection showes limited service. so how to solve it tell me please??

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Virtual Router Could not be started

This program is not running on my Windows 7 operating system..... Error! Virtual Router Could not be started shown.....

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Eset Smart Security Blocks Black List Adress

When i start program my eset smart security programs firewall block this adress _"" and ip a...

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Does not work on Windows 8.1

Fresh install of WIndows 8.1 on my computer, downloaded and unzipped to c:\virtual When i click VirtualRouterPlus.exe, a dialog comes up says VIrtualRouterPlus stopped working checking for.. and d...

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program not running

nothing happens when opening the program but the process is running. did i miss something here? please help.

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It tells me supported hardware cannot be found

what is the supported hardware for windows 8 Urgent response needed asap please....

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2nd connection not working

After running application, first device can connect successfully. But if another device wants to connect to network, it can't connect. So, question is: Is this tool supporting multiple devices?

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ERROR hardware not been found

pls help about this issue..hardware has not been found..virtual router plus could not be started pls help

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Doesn't Able To connect to internet!

I installed virtual Router Plus. I created my wifi hotspot, now i connect wifi through another device it gets connected but doesn't able to open any webpage. I use win8 32bit laptop. Please Help!

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Please solve error message

Please solve this error message "Virtual Router Plus could not be started. Supported hardware may not have been found" Thanks

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